Taste of More Murmurs


MoreMurmursinNightAfter a screamingly long wait, during which the man in the pale blue suit became more drowsy and more fearful, he sensed movement and heard voices. They were bringing the young woman back in.

At last. Please. Let me be next. He was. And he felt a tear run down his immobile face as they wheeled him towards the doctor’s office again. Thank God. He saw the young woman’s face as he rolled past. Her red lips were smiling.  Then, fleetingly, he caught her eyes. There was a terror in them…

What’s going on in the doctor’s rooms?


… Jeremy was sure the car was going too fast for the conditions. Again it swerved suddenly and then swung back with a wild tilt of the steering wheel. Then, another scary wobble splashed water up from a wide puddle. Jeremy threw his hands up and yelped.

”All OK. Soon be somewhere.”

”Somewhere? Where’s that? I want to get home. “

The driver just grinned at him.

Jeremy stared out the window. He couldn’t recognise any landmarks and wished he’d been paying more attention. Instead of sitting back with his eyes closed for part of the trip. “Where are we, driver?”

”We here, sir. All OK.” He smiled even more widely.

”You’re going the wrong way.”

“Is just this way, sir. Rest for while.”

”Turn around, driver. Use your GPS and get back on track.”

”Not now, sir. Best we go this way.”

Jeremy slumped back into his seat. Stunned by the driver’s action.

”Soon be there, sir.”

”Where?” Wearily.

”Somewhere, sir.” He turned to Jeremy and gave him a big grin.

”Not possible, yet, sir.” Suddenly, the driver spun the wheel and the cab bounced around a sharp corner, throwing Jeremy into the door. The driver put his foot down and the cab accelerated. Then he hit the brake and it slowed suddenly. Jeremy pitched forward and back as the vehicle pitched.

He jumped when something flopped onto his right hip. Reflexively, he pushed to get rid of it. His startled movement caused the thing to slither into the back again. Jeremy was shaking. What was it? A snake. It looked like … an arm? A hand? Cold, grey. And slimy … wet or muddy.

He thought he heard a groan. What the hell was he in the middle of? Whatever, he had to get out. He saw the driving grinning at him…

Samples from two of 12 frightening stories in More Murmurs in the Night by Les Pobjie. Get ebook or paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Booktopia, Book Depository and on order from many bookshops.