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More Murmurs in the Night

More Murmurs in our minds…

MoreMurmursinNightThere are so many reasons to be afraid…very afraid… not because it’s pure horror but because many occurrences within these pages are things our imaginations have already thought up… of things that have entered the dark side of our minds & we have quickly pushed them away…
Without giving anything away my favourite stories included:
Bus Chatter… I didn’t expect the ending at all.
The Case of the Big Case – Loved it!
Fancy seeing you, Aunty – A good story… short & punchy with a sharp twist, I didn’t guess the ending until it was revealing itself.
I highly recommend this second instalment of short stories by Les Pobjie… & I hope it awakens your murmurs in the night… as it did mine.

Murmurs in the Night

Natural inheritor of Roald Dahl

Spooky stories to leak through your imagination in the darkness… This anthology is a great surprise and for once the blurb on the back isn’t wrong – a natural inheritor of Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected. They are quirky, scary and twisty with a punch in the guts lurking in some of them that will leave you remembering them long after you close your ebook – or the back cover.
The author wriggles the essence of the horror from the strangest things and that’s what the collection also utilises — the normal and everyday while finding the sinister and dark. We really enjoyed the The Man Who Puts Up Christmas Darks and the stories about cats. The author wriggles the essence of the horror from the strangest things and that’s what stays with you, the scary in the normal and horrible happening to ordinary people in ordinary lives but there is also an element of dark urban fantasy in some of the stories which remove the reader from reality.
Short stories are sadly neglected but I’m very glad that this anthology has been put together by an author who actually seems to know what he’s doing. —

Twisted stories, some actually quite disturbing

A collection of short stories to stir the skin with chills and thrills. I really enjoyed this and despite not believing the blurb likening the book to Roald Dahl, it actually is reminiscent of his quiet and subtle horror. The thing I enjoyed the most is the twisting of modern concepts. The story about a cooking competition really made me smile with the vindictive cleverness of the twisted story – reflecting the insanity of this kind of TV. If you enjoy short stories, this is a good anthology from a single author who has managed a high standard throughout. — TRACEY, on Amazon

Imagination is everything

I know Les personally and I admire his writing skills and his witty sense of humour. Les definitely put a smile on my dial with his imaginative writing, and some of the short stories had hair-raising endings, especially the cooking competition (my favourite).
It’s funny, but Les is a “quiet” fellow and a perfect gentleman. His “dark” side astounded and thrilled me, too. I know he is eager to write more short stories. Oh, the horror of it all 😉  —  SANDY SAVOS, on Amazon

Imaginative horror stories that kept me awake

I love horror, that slight fear when you switch out the light to sleep that something is under the bed, really gives me a thrill. But I often lack the time necessary to dedicate myself to a full length novel, so I’ve been reading a lot of short stories and this collection works really well. Its stories are well paced, the characters accessible and the ideas instantly recognizable which is vital in a short story. It’s a great collection. I can’t think of one story I didn’t like – Christmas Darks is my favorite though… Seriously disturbing!  TERRI, on Amazon